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Portrait Series
Visions is one of The Australia Project's creative initiatives. It is an ongoing endeavour to document the Australian public and their views on Australia and its national identity. Visions is a window to everyday Australians thoughts about their country.

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The Australia Project is a collaboration between Chris Edser, Scott Heinrich and Yianni Hill. The trio collectively conceived the Visions series. Photography shown here by Yianni Hill.

It surrounds the country.
It's the essence of life.
It's a big problem.

Elise, 22


There's a kind of ingenuity about Australians, and, you know, I remember my dad when I was only little – he was the sort of person who if there was something needed to be done, he would make it himself...
... and, I think that, that general innovation and ingenuity is very much in the Australian psyche.

Mary, 66


If you get the chance to go away and experience other countries, you realise that this country is lucky... lucky in lots of different ways.

Opportunities there that other people don't get. Lifestyle's there, food's there, water's there, education, the whole lot. As a package it's a lucky country compared to 90 other percent of countries in the world.

Tony, 39


I think that there are a lot of individuals in Australia that actually solve problems, get on with it, and despite whatever government's going to do, there are people actually out there trying to make change in their own community.

Suzi, 42


I think Australia is open and I didn’t realise it when I lived in the UK, but when I took my husband back over there and when he came back everyone asked him what did he think about the country... and he just reckoned he wanted to stretch his arms out and push everything away because everything was too crowded and he couldn’t see the sky and the stars at night.

Geraldine, 61


Wandu Yatra (Good Country)

My mum, when there was no water around, used to dig for water in the ground and showed us how things happened back in her time.

It’s a good country.

Kelvin, 56


At the moment we're the only former British colony on the United Nations international council without a treaty and we need one.

No treaty... no rights.
No rights... no nothing.
No reconciliation.

Bruce, 28